Stocks & Share

Stocks and Share

Dividends; Share in Our Success
Global Access Logistics Company, as an IATA-endorsed air forwarder, are committed to sharing our success with our loyal shareholders. As an investor, you can expect regular dividend payments based on our profitability. We strive for consistent dividend payouts that reward your trust and demonstrate the value we place on your investment.
Experience Extraordinary Journeys
Global Access Logistics Company as part of our commitment to providing exceptional experiences, we offer exclusive travel perks reserved exclusively for shareholders like yourself. These exciting opportunities include:
Shareholders Retreat
Join us at annual retreats held at breathtaking destinations where fellow investors gather to connect, share insights, and enjoy memorable experiences together.
VIP Travel Packages
Gain access to curated VIP travel packages tailored specifically for shareholders. Enjoy upgraded accommodations, personalized itineraries, and unique access to local attractions.
Priority Reservations
Enjoy priority reservations at popular vacation destinations, ensuring you have the first opportunity to secure your desired dates and accommodations.
Business Class Upgrades
When flying with partner airlines or participating in designated events related to the company's milestones or conferences, eligible shareholders may receive complimentary business class upgrades as a token of appreciation.
Concierge Assistance
Benefit from dedicated concierge service for personalized recommendations, assistance with bookings, and access to exclusive events or attractions during your vacations.

ROI: Capitalize on Your Investment

Investing in our Stock not only grants you exciting benefits but also offers a potential return on investment (ROI) that can enhance your financial portfolio. Our track record of sustained growth and commitment to delivering value ensures that your investment has the potential for long-term appreciation.

We invite you to review our detailed investor materials or contact our Investor Relations team for further information regarding dividends, travel perks, vacation benefits, and ROI projections.

Join us today as a shareholder of Global Access and embark on an incredible journey filled with rewards, memorable experiences, and profitable opportunities!